Thursday, May 30, 2013

Physics Finale and Grimm's Break

Gabriel has come to the end of his physics block this week, and overall it seems to have been a success.  We were working on magnestism, and Gabriel and Arden both really enjoyed it.  Magnets and their amazing abilities to repel and attract, go down very well with little people it seems.

Gabriel also worked on a lead pencil version of his drawing from last week- it seems to have helped his shading quite a bit doing a colour version.

Willow is working through the second part of her block on history; focusing on the French Revolution and reading the Scarlet Pimpernel.  As part of this part of her history block, she will be looking into class systems around the world.

Arden and I read the 'Three Spinsters' out of Grimm's this week, and worked on the letterss 'y' and 'g'.  'Y' was a small sewing project- the first that he's done, and he really enjoyed it.  Here's our sewing- my 'y' is on the left, and Arden's is on the right.

This is Arden's and my modelling this week.  I did the word 'golly' and he did the letters 'e','g' and 'y'.

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