Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nearly the End

We've been so busy the last few weeks, but mostly it has been fun. There's been a few unpleasant bits- house inspections and the sort but activity wise, but we've all been really enjoying this end of the year.

Willow had being doing some cross-stitch, and doing a beautiful job. She planned her picture using graph paper and has been sewing onto her aida cloth. Gabriel has been giving it a bit of a try too. Initially he found it a little tricky, but after some other sewing felt he would like to have another try, and slowly it's starting to come together.

We made angels at our Waldorf co-op recently, and that was great fun too! Lots of beautiful work by everyone.

We also got out to a circus skills workshop. The people running it were fabulous, and the kids had an amazing time. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's taught them some great balancing skills, and I suspect also how to trust and be more confident. And within that theme they had their end of year performance with Young Adelaide Voices. Again the confidence is amazing- coping beautifully with being up in front of a large crowd- and it was really evident how much they've both grown up this year to see their performances. Last year Gabriel was still very dreamy, and this year he's definately settled into his roots.

We're up to our last chapter in The Children of Odin by Paudric Collum. Tomorrow we're up to Ragnarok- the Twilight of the Gods. It's sad to come to the end of the block, but exciting too. It's been fascinating learning about runes, and how to draw celtic knots and all about the different gods and goddesses. But class five looks challenging in different ways for Willow and me. Woodwork is meant to be more serious next year, and then we need to look at a few different ancient cultures- Egypt, Greek and some others. Plus our form drawing is now heading into geometry. Quite exciting stuff. Of course I'll still be doing form drawing as Gabriel is still doing that next year, but it is really becoming evident that we're heading into more advanced study and that feels good.

This week were finishing with a nature block- hopefully some cooking tomorrow, and maybe a couple of outings, and a concert for Damien on our last day. I am looking forward to the end of year, a good rest, and a new start of class 3 and 5 next year.