Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Term 2 in Pictures (mostly)

Irving worked out how to draw stars! This was a pleasant surprise, and he had a little burst of drawing five pointed ones.

A bit of maths. (we like to get these blocks out for our pattern making section of Arden's JUMP maths book, and Irving always enjoys joining in).

Working together.  Pre-primary and grade 5.

Labyrinth puzzle....art and maths....crazy family project!

Chocolate making.  We learnt a little about tempering with a second chocolate bar at a free workshop by Sue Lewis, and we made dark chocolate with thyme oil creatures.

Reading one of my favourite children's authors, Padraic Colum, "The Golden Fleece".

After reading about the minotaur we looked at labyrinths and mazes.

More patterning.  Working on rose windows.  These are a lot of fun to make, but can get a little complicated. (Some other examples by Willow when she was 12).

And a variation, using the kite paper to make layered pictures by tearing/cutting shapes and layers.

Reading related to our Australian history studies.  We actually took longer to read this than intended ( we just finished it recently) and it is wonderful for showing the older and slower Australian lifestyle prior to the arrival of the car. 
During this time we did a tour of Karakatta Cemetry.

We also did a tour of the Perth mint (again)! And the Perth Bell Tower.  View from the Bell Tower.

  These are the beautiful flame trees along the river, on our walk from the Bell Tower to the Mint.

The impressive 1 tonne gold coin.  (Though I missed seeing all the beautiful collectors pieces that they used to keep in the secure vault, and which this coin has replaced).

Some of Gabriel's reading.  Gabriel is very interested in military history, and increasingly interested in working and rendering 3D objects on the computer using blendr.

Working on improving crochet, by making some dishcloths.

A blanket that I was making that is still not finished unfortunately, as I haven't found the sort of blanket binding that I would like yet.

Some new books.  Latin dictionary to help Gabriel's study.  Plus the Long Winter because we are still getting through this Little House Series.

Finally two of my favourite things about home education; Pleasurable family outings and slow breakfasts.

Gabriel, Arden and I went to see WASO performing "The Goblet of Fire", to the film.
And enjoying a family breakfast.