Thursday, May 9, 2019


Geometry again.  Working on circles with Arden and Irving.

A couple of Arden's.



Arden working on measuring and ruling.

Working on numbers with Irving and Arden joining in.

Visiting Cottesloe beach, as part of our astronomy studies.  We went past the sundial to examine how it works, and then spent a lovely afternoon exploring the waves and rocks on one of the last hotter days of the season.

At Perth Airport waving off big sister, Willow, as she headed to Melbourne to volunteer at Supernova.

At the Shipwreck Museum in Fremantle.

Out doing some rubbish clean up along our section of the Swan River, on part of our studies on waterbirds and our local area. 

Along the walk we came across this bust of Nicholas Baudin which fit nicely with all our maritime studies of WA, and our visit to the Shipwreck Museum.  I like it when life offers synchronous moments like this!
Pizza by Arden for dinner

Making hot cross buns for Easter.

Sprouting some seeds(borage and cornflower) in egg shells and cottonwool.

Some reading, a favourite of mine, "The Little Prince".

Spontaneous experiments with sound.  Rubber bands of varying thickness and jars/bowls.

Irving working on hammering.

We sat and watched this Cactus flower open over the course of 10mins one morning.

I finally finished this blanket in time for the coming winter.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Trip to Adelaide

Finally after some planning, we managed to get us all on a weeks holiday to our hometown of Adelaide.  For Irving it was his first time there, and for some of us, we hadn't visited in 6yrs, so it became an opportunity for family and friends catch-ups as well as being a bit touristy and eating lots of good food.  I must admit that is the biggest thing that I miss Adelaide, so much good food!

So first stop, on our first day there we headed to the Central markets to top up on some groceries, and to show Arden and Irving some of our favourite places.

This place was excellent, if like me you like kombucha.  A few of us got spider kombuchas here.  Plus they had a kefir from WA that I had never seen here.....

A few of us headed to the zoo.  First stop was the pandas (there is one hiding down the back on the left of this shot).

Arden and Irving had a great time watching this echidna wander around.  Plus we saw a fenneck Fox which Arden was very pleased about.

After the zoo with Grandma, we managed a tram ride to the fringe, to catch up with friends and more family.  It was great riding the extension up North Tce, and to see the tram network growing since our last visit.

The following day saw us head off to Womadelaide for an evening full of music and dance,  It was a very full evening, with bell ringers doing performance art, cossack dancing, celtic fiddling, Carmen performed flamenco style.  All the best things of getting to Womad- very diverse cultural performances and styles.

Trying out some Cossack dancing.

We got to our favourite chocolatier!  Steven ter Horst with his amazing chocolates and cakes and now waffles!

A very poor shot of flying foxes (or fruit bats)  that apparently migrated to Adelaide not long after we left!  They make quite an impressive sight flying across the north-east corner of the city at sunset.

There was an exhibition celebrating local Kaurna (said Garna) culture called Yabarra as part of Fringe.  Probably my favourite bit was Arden's reaction to the river Torrens.  "That is a river!!!???"  After living in Perth for most of his life, the shock is quite understandable.  :D

We also made it to the art gallery, where they have currently arranged the gallery into a nice mix of multi-cultural Australia

Our apartments attempt at a pool was rather dismal....only somewhere without 6months worth of swimming weather would think it was reasonable to put the pool in the middle of the car park!?

A cute alleyway discovered on a walk on our final morning.

The beautiful Adelaide Arcade, has quite a few interest collectible style shops.

We stopped here for coffee, in the Arcade.  I always hoped someone would do something like this to this part of the Arcade.

Stop off at the museum, examining some Kaurna artifacts.

Aboriginal Australian boundaries for the places that we've lived- Perth and Adelaide.

The Ancient Egypt Exhibit- which has scared at least two people in our family (one is me, the other ,Willow).

Space travel exhibit


Exploring Antartica

Checking out radiation.
Heading home to Perth again.
We haven't done much travelling, as a family, like this for quite a while, and it does remind me how much I love travelling and how lovely it is to go on a family adventure like this  with kids.  We're moved to Perth with this sort of idea in mind, and have stayed longer than planned, and it is interesting to know two different cities well enough to consider them as home.