Monday, May 18, 2015

Film and Books

We received a few books in the post today, from some recently placed orders. Willow is about to read "Farenheit 451" as part of her history and English work on Human Rights.  Gabriel is studying revolutions, and will be reading "Gone with the Wind".

We also received our next couple of books for "Life of Fred"; the pre-algeabra books on physics and economics.  This time I ordered them from Adnil press, which I think worked out much better for postage than previously.

Willow finished up her work on WW1 leading into WW2 recently, and since Gabriel's coming block will be focusing on that too, we recently watched the film "Joyeux Noel".  It was enjoyed by Willow and Gabriel, and to me is such a lovely film in that it shows the humanity of everyone involved in the war.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pirated Away

Time around here seems to be taken up with Pirates of Penzance activities.  If it isn't constantly being played around here, so that Damien and Willow can practise their singing then people seem to be off to rehearsals.  Even Gabriel who was just helping out backstage initially, now has some minor acting parts!

Over the holidays we took it fairly easy; caught up with some friends and stuck to activities near home.  Damien was looking for work, and only recently found a new job, so we were sticking with free activities as much as possible.  Fortunately the kickstart festival was on, so Willow and Gabriel went to some things for that.  Willow did a bike repair class with Dismantle, which she came back inspired from, then there was a crochet session, and Willow and Gabriel both went to a flower crown workshop.  Arden and Gabriel, Irving and I went to a poppy making workshop at the Art Gallery for Anzac day.

Irving has been getting into playing by himself and with Arden, which is making life easier for everyone! :) He's loving the trainset.

Gabriel just finished a block on geometry, particularly focusing on polyhedrons.  Now he's onto learning about the weather, and is reading "Journey to the Centre of the Earth".  He's also been avidly reading HG Wells this year.

We all headed to the activities for ANZAC day round Perth this year, particularly focusing on the music, so that we could dance.  Willow was lucky enough to get her hair styled for free into a gibson roll.

Gabriel has been working on his pattern for a stuffed Zebra, this is experimental pattern no 1, being made out of an old pair of pyjamas.

Arden working at Life of Fred!

And our latest form drawing- working on stars with Arden.  My five pointed star.

Arden's first attempts- progressing from the form on the top left, across to a full star.

Willow's beautiful knitting- a vintage beret!

And working on her sewing- her first machine project, a pillowcase.

Button details!

A new Waldorf painting book.  Love it so far, has some great ideas for colour painting.

Finally nearly finished Gabriel's reciting!  We've been working on this for a year, he is very close to having "The Coming of Arthur" mastered.

Willow has been busy focusing on her history with a musical leaning this year, and is gradually get through her work.  We watched "Joyeux Noel" recently as part of this.  All of her history work is being arranged so that she can add to her musical knowledge, whilst still meeting the national curriculum requirements.  It is working out to be very interesting for us both, to learn about history from this slightly different perspective.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pirates of Penzance

Hallo everyone!

 Wow, long time no see, huh? I keep meaning to post on here but forget... I've been too busy with Spinj's Space and Spinj's LEGO Blog.

 Well, I suppose mum told you all that I'm in a production of The Pirates of Penzance? *Looks through posts* Yup, she did. Well then, I suppose I'll give you an update on it! :D

 Rehearsals are lots of fun at the moment. We finished learning the songs about a month and a half ago - maybe with the exception of some of the principles and one of the chorus members, as they keep forgetting the words to songs - and we're now doing blocking. For those who don't know, blocking is where the director shows us where he wants us to stand, occasionally how we're supposed to react to stuff, etc.
 Dad and I went to a rehearsal yesterday, and at the end of it found out that the whole show had been completely blocked! Now we just need to run through the whole thing a few more times so that it runs smoothly.

 I also made up a hashtag for the show, but it's not official... yet. It's #PerthPirates2015, and I used it on G+ and Facebook. :P
 Here are some photos from the blocking:

 1. Rehearsing a scene from Act I
2. Rehearsing the beginning scene from Act II

 We're having loads of fun, it's so amazing to be in a production again. X3

 The show starts in... three weeks, I think. We're doing nine shows - the last time I was in something big we only did four. It's going to be tiring, but I reckon I'll survive! That said, we're doing three rehearsals a week at the moment... :P

 If you guys want to have regular updates on how it's going, sail over to the Gilbert and Sullivan FB page! :D The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of WA | Facebook
 There's also and event page with details about the show, so feel free to check it out!

 See y'all later!
 Willow (AKA Spinj The Ninja)