Monday, December 22, 2008

Living Chocolate

Our new favourite Australian chocolate
Hopefully our local store will have more in soon...............


We had a lovely Solstice celebration with some friends yesterday, sharing a meal together, and later heading to the beach. It was a pleasant evening, albeit noisy with music and singing coming from all directions at the beach. We had a spectacular thunderstorm, in the distance, for entertainment too. We watched the clouds roll in, and were hoping for rain, but none appeared where we were.

Happy Solstice where-ever you are!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

End of Year

Well we've finished the majority of our homeschool activities now for this year, except for a couple of craft things Willow needs to finish. It feels good to be done! We finished highland dancing and choir last week, and next term will be much quiter- we're taking it easier with the heat. And we've finally finished reading The NeverEnding Story- don't let the movie put you off, the book is amazing.

Arden is now one, amazingly enough, and now share's his birthday with two friends. One turn 36 and the other is now around 11 days old.

Gabriel made a beautiful steiner style doll for his final class 1 craft project for the year.

And now it seems to be party season- birthdays, Christmas, solstice, etc,etc.