Thursday, March 21, 2013


Willow has been working on geometry for her second block. Normally we start the year with form drawing/ geometry but she wanted to wait for it to be cooler before doing geometry. 

Her doll is also progressing nicely, and is starting to have a lovely crown of black hair.


Doll making


We finished off Gabriel's geometry block, and are now onto ancient Rome.  Story wise we are reading Padraic Colum's, "Adventure's of Odysseus and Tales of Troy".  We're using this as a connecting book between learning about Ancient Greece last year, and progressing onto Rome this year.  We are also using Charles Kovacs book on Ancient Rome.

Gabriel has also almost finished his first sock!  And has started his main craft project for this year.  He's decided that he would like to make a zebra, so he's onto the early stages of the project; lots of drawing.


 Some book work on Ancient Rome.

Drawing a zebra

We also headed out to the Museum last week, for a class on Ancient Egypt.  Gabriel really enjoyed it, the focus was on burials and mummification.  Plus I think he was pleased to be one of the only people that knew about the Rosetta stone.


I decided to do grade 1 part time with Arden this year, to cover our requirements for homeschooling in WA.  It's been brilliant so far, he thrives on the focused activities, and is generally more content.

Here's some of his work.

His picture of the Golden Key.  This story was great to start with as we just painted our imaginings, and focused on what might be inside the chest.  A great Grimm's story for wondering.

The next week we moved onto the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and introduced some letters.



This week's story has been 'the Spindle, the Shuttle and the Needle'.

Just for fun, there was some building out of jenga blocks.  Arden came up with this ship.

We've been settling back into our usual routine this week, after a weekend away in Adelaide last week.  It was a little disruptive- our flight home was 6.30am Adelaide time, but 4am Perth time!  So we were up at 2.30am on Tuesday, I came straight home to bed, for a nap.