Saturday, April 16, 2011

Craft Projects

Our main craft projects are currently underway, and we have all been very busy. Gabriel has started his first cross stitch project for the year- a pin cushion. He was bursting to go straight into a larger project (as Usual) but after this smaller one, we will look at designing a cushion cover for him to cross-stitch.

First stage of designing

Second stage designs- and the one outlined in red, is the cross-stitch pattern

Gabriel's project in progress

My design for a pin cushion.

Meanwhile Willow is into the early stages of her planning for making a stuffed toy. She's busy modelling wax horses, working on getting a good sense of shape for the horses she's making and developing her skills of observation. It's also interesting for her (and me) in that I'm largely leaving the project to her. I've discussed the goal (making a realistic 3d soft toy animal), and given guidance as required, but I'm leaving her to direct the project and what she does during her craft session.

Here is some of her work so far- all of these have been made in one afternoon.

What I'm reading

"Hold on to Your Kids" by Neufield and Mate.

I borrowed this recently from my local lilbrary, after someone recommended it on a message board I use. I have found it very insightful and helpful, for understanding my kids, their peers and my journey through the schooling system. It seems to me to be a very important book for parents to read, to help them to understand why attachment to parents is more important that attachment to peers, and why we need to help our children stay connected so that they can feel our love for them.

I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Onto block two and recent activities

Well we've finished our geometry block and Norse Myths, and have seen some beautiful work from everybody.

Willow's final drawing for the block.

Something by me.

Gabriel's picture of Frey.

So now we've moved onto our new blocks- Human and Animals for Gabriel and Ancient Rome for Willow. I've been reading"Wind in the Willows"
to Gabriel, and The Story of Rome to Willow. We've also been doing some reading about Latin, and I'm looking at purchasing a workbook on Latin for Willow to use. A friend lent us the Lively Latin workbook to look at it, and Willow liked the look of it, so I think I'll order a copy of it soon.

Otherwise we've had a number of interesting things happening recently. Willow had her last performance, which was at Her Majesty's Theatre. The choir, she is part of, sang the role of the bridge in Stari Most. It was a very moving performance, and beautifully done.

Then the week a before that, Damien, Willow and Gabriel went and learnt to make a long bow. All had a fabulous time, and are looking forward to the next workshop in the series- quiver and bow making and knife making.

The start of the bows.

Hard at work.

A guest.