Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Physics, maths, Parliament

We're very close to coming to the end of our planned work for this year, which I am very pleased about, it has been a rather hectic time. 

Last weekend we visited Western Australia's parliament house, for their open day.  The tour was interesting and informative.  Damien previously took Willow and Gabriel to see South Australia's parliament house, and we discovered one main difference between the two, and probably any other lower house in the Westminster system- the WA one is furnished in blue!

Anyway here's some other recent work.
Willow working on cutting ice using a knife, for physics.

Willow's geometry- the parabola and hyperbola.

Gabriel's geometry- his limacon and my cardiode.

Star shapes. Mine is first, followed by Gabriel's.

Using our JUMP maths workbooks, working on more geometry.  Creating pyramids and prisms out of toothpicks.