Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hallo hallo!

How is everyone? Had a good week? :)

 On Saturday morning I made a lovely Tau - although most people would call it a Pie (or Pi). However, I call it tau because pi needs to be multiplied by two to make it a whole, while tau is just a whole. So that would mean a pie is actually half a Tau. Understand?

 I made some pastry on Friday (500 grams of flour, 250 grams of butter, and some salt and about a cup of water), and then on Saturday morning I put the oven to about 200 and then started browning the mince. I added some stock to the mince, then put in the carrot and potato that I'd diced into it.

 I halved the pastry and rolled out one to fit the tray. I rolled out the other half and cut a bit off to make the Tau sign.
 When the filling was ready I scooped it into the tray and ate what couldn't fit for breakfast. I put on the top of the Tau and added the Tau sign, then popped it in the oven whilst I got ready to leave for my circus class. When I had finished getting ready I turned off the heat and left the Tau in the oven.

 When I got home it was perfect, and I had a piece of it. It was so good cold, I don't want to have it warmed up!!

 Well, it was soon gone come Sunday evening. Here's the pictures of it:

Let me know if you make your own Tau! (or Pi!!)