Tuesday, March 5, 2019

1 week In

We started this years new learning with some painting and reading.  We continued where we left off with this "Colour Dynamics" book.  Last year we worked through the individual primary and secondary colours as the start of the year.  This year we worked through the colour combinations- through working with red, blue and yellow, and the rainbow colours.

Colour dynamics book
Painting in the primary colours

Version two with the primary colours

Rainbow paintings.....by Irving

By Arden


All our paintings from last week.

Our current reading, "String, Straight-edge and Shadow", one of my favourite books for understanding the development of geometry.

Heading out to ice-skating again.

I received this excellent vintage slipper pattern in the post.  I am thinking with starting off by making Arden some moccasins for the winter, since the pattern is about his size.

 We've been making bean bags for juggling and counting games.  Irving is enjoying improving his sewing.

The finished results...Arden made his out of an old pair of green cords he had worn to death, and I made one out of one of Damien's old ties, so I could work on sewing in silk.

 We had a very small but appreciate potato harvest, which were boiled and covered in butter!

So far we have had a lovely start to doing more structured stuff together again this year.  Arden has been also learning mandolin, after receiving one for his birthday.  We haven't been doing a lot of music yet this year, but we have gotten to quite a few musical performances and this will be continuing.  Irving seems to finally be enjoying counting, and we are starting off doing some number work this week.