Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Winter Works

We had a lovely long holiday break in the middle of the year following on from the success of previous years since Irving's birth.  Last year we took 4 weeks, but this year we took 6 again, given that we found that, that amount of time seemed to benefit us all the most in terms of feeling refreshed for the second half of the year.

We started the official holiday break with a visit to Winterland in the Cultural Centre and a session of iceskating.  Damien took the older kids along, andI hung out with Irving  and some friends.  Everyone was pleased with a surprise visit from channel 9,meaning they got to be on TV and bonus skating time!

Arden has been doing quite a bit of nature study this year, and we've spent quite a bit of time bird watching in our local area.  Swan River is one of our favourite places for a walk, and Arden has been enjoying watching out for water birds.

Each week for the last four years we've been doing a home education session of basketball.  Currently we head out to a session at Leederville, and over the years it has become our ritual to stop off for a coffee on the way home.  Recently one of the lovely staff at La Veen, made Gabriel a special hot chocolate.

During the holidays I booked Willow, Gabriel and Arden into a session of pottery at the Fremantle Arts Centre.  It was our first time there, and unfortunately for Arden and I, it absolutely poured the day we went.  Other than that everyone enjoyed it and found it quite beautiful.  We are yet to pick up the finished works.

Fremantle Arts Centre.

Irving turned two in the holidays and we celebrated with a rose petal and poppy seed cake.

Willow and I went to a green wood working class and learnt to split a log and make a spoon from scratch.  These are our finished pieces.  Willow refers to hers as a caveman spoon.

This is my second spoon in progress, I haven't quite totally finished it, as I need to pick up some sandpaper for the finishing touches.

Some of Arden's form drawing in action.

Arden making geometric shapes from his JUMP maths.

Willow making kitty pancakes.

Arden's first attempt at crocheting.  Learning to make a chain.

Irving having a go too!  :D

Arden crocheting in action.

First projects completed dishcloths by Arden and myself.

Next crochet piece, a pentagon.

Mine in progress.

The start of an afghan that I'm knitting ( this has been a bit delayed by a need to concentrate on the pattern and Irving being a bit too busy)

 Purple cords for Irving.