Friday, March 11, 2016


This past week has involved us getting out and about quite a bit.  Monday was a public holiday, so Damien came with Irving, Arden, Gabriel and I for a walk along the Swan River- from Canning Bridge to South Perth.  It was absolutely stunning, and we saw so many swans!  Often I've wondered where they all are.  This section of the River is rather quiet too (in terms of people) as it's barricaded by the Freeway and a bike path.  Makes me wonder what it was like pre-modernising; I imagine quite beautiful and more populated.

Just out of Canning Bridge
Train to Mandurah
Finally we can see Perth!


Later in the week saw us head out to Bold Park for another nature walk.  We stopped at the Ecology Centre and picked up a map for the park, and headed to Reabold Hill.  Unfortunately the lookout was closed but we still got amazing views of the city and the ocean.  After stopping there for a bit, we head along the pathways towards the South, and finally ended up at Perry Lakes Reserve, where we came across a fabulous adventure playground. 
View of Perth.

View to the Indian Ocean

Down the hill

Snails!  We spotted quite a few of these on here.

Amazing looking fungi

Break at Perry Lakes Reserve, before heading back to the City for icecream, at our favourite gelateria- ChiChos.

This week also saw Willow heading out to the Education Dept to sit the OLNA test.  This was done over two days, and we are hoping to add it to a portfolio of work for Willow this year.  Unfortunately Willow came home all stuffy-headed from it on Tuesday, and was worse again, on entering the building Wednesday, so whilst she felt that the maths was quite easy, she wasn't sure how she did cause she couldn't stop sniffing.  Damien's observation was that it sounded like the building may be suffering from sick building syndrome. 

I got back into a bit of sewing this week, and  have made some progress on Arden's pyjamas.  Here are his pants almost finished.  :)


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Leap Day Start

Gabriel and Arden and I started off our formal home ed year this past week.  We're starting the year with a nature block, doing a few things at home and getting out and about.

Sprouting linseeds.

Off to King's Park for a walk- view of the Swan River.

Another view of the river.

Tree top walk.

Underneath the tree top walk.

Arden, Irving and I have been reading Aboriginal myths to start the year off.  I've been taking advantage of the wonderful Sacred-Texts site and reading the myths from here.

Later in the week we made a bullroarer and did a bit of tidying up on our balcony garden with a view to planting herbs and anything else that takes our fancy. 

Making the bullroarer.

Bullroarer is finished!

We finished the week with a bit of journalling, and Gabriel did a bit of studying of biodynamics via youtube.

I've not done much sewing recently, but I am feeling pleased that I've learnt how to take pants and skirts in.  Have done two items of clothing so far, and feeling ready to fix all my ill-fitting clothes.  I found this link very helpful.

Willow is teaching Arden violin this year, and Gabriel and myself are continuing to learn guitar.  Irving has decided that he's also learning harmonica, and joins in whenever Arden does an online lesson.  We've started to have a once a week family music jam, in the hope that everyone will start playing music together, in a relaxed pleasureable  sort of fun way.  We're also having a once a week dancing night and once a week reading night; we're reviewing rockabilly with Gabriel and Arden, and reading Antony and Cleopatra.