Tuesday, July 24, 2018

April Hols

Quite some time ago I meant to do a post about our activities and outings during our April break.  Somehow this year just seems to be flying by, and I'm not getting on here very often.  Here are some moments....

What happens when escalators are being installed, and I am travelling with Arden and Irving....a mini physics lesson.  We spend quite a bit of time examining the inner structure of the cogs and wheels.

 A beautiful day catching the train across the Swan River.

Skateboarding and scootering our way down to the Swan River.  Followed by some tree climbing for Arden and Irving.

And some reading.

Arden made us some home made gnocchi.

Working on refurbishing a Bart Simpson skateboard.

Arden making hot chocolate with cinnamon topping.

Stool repairs.  We all spent a bit of time working on various repair jobs around the house.