Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 1

We've just started our school work for the year. It's so lovely to start in March rather than Jan/ Feb like the schools, since usually the worst of the heat has left for the year.

We had a lovely start- at present I'm telling some of the stories from the Ramayana and reading the Celtic Wonder Tales. We did a lot of form drawing and modelling, and learnt about the Swastika symbol and its roots in Hinduism, and Hindu's connection to the Aryans.

The craft is looking interesting so far too. Willow is handsewing a shirt, and Gabriel a kilt. We're having a practise run at the kilt, before we select fabric and start properly. I've been trying some handsewing too, so far I've made Gabriel some cords, and am in the process of making myself some pants too.