Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday week no. 5 for the Season

We had a madly busy week, last week, and I'm glad to say that this week is quieter and cooler!  Doing school work last week, was a bit of a challenge, with us all popping down to the pool at lunch time each day to cool off. 

Here's some geometry from last week.

Gabriel's six pointed star.

Gabriel's and my six circles around a circle.

Willow's cube folding exercise.

Gabriel, Arden and I headed to the museum last week for a couple of homeschool classes.  Gabriel's was on fossils, and he really enjoyed it.  Arden's class was about dinosaurs.  It was Arden's first class to attend without Willow or Gabriel, so I was a bit curious how he'd find it.  Initially he wanted me next to him, but he quickly got the idea of sitting with the other kids, and looking out for me as needed.  He'll be starting circus class this weekend, and will be going to another museum class in March.

Willow has been making progress on her doll- starting to work on embroidering her face.

We ended the week with Gabriel's 11th birthday- he was very excited about it as we said that he could watch the first part of Lord of the Rings.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  Gabriel also got a hobbit lego set for his birthday and a skateboard, so he was pretty happy all round!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 1 2013

So we started our schooling this first week of Feb- so unusual for us- but necessary this year, and have had a good start so far.

Willow has only done one day of stuff at home, so she has two more days to do this week.  She's working on English at the moment, studying Romeo and Juliet.  She's also working on a small business project, as a project for class 8.  Currently she's doing lots of knitting for it.

Gabriel and I are reading 'String, Straightedge and Shadow' for his geometry block.  It's a nicely put together  historical story of how people learnt about geometry.  This is the second time that we've read it; last time was for Willow's geometry block.

Here is some of Gabriel's work.

Arden was also getting involved quite a bit this week- so I helped him by doing the shapes for his picture, and he did the decorating.  He says that it is a flower opening up.

A lot of our classes have also restarted for the year- musicianship is back on, as is basketball.  Plus we've found a new flute teacher for Willow, who she will start with next week.

We've not done school Mon- Wed for awhile, so it will be interesting to see how it works for us. (In recent years, we've done Tues- Thurs).  Though since Willow is largely working independantly, she intends after this week, to have Tuesdays and Fridays off.