Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Break Time

We made it to our Christmas break, through our outings and our annual review.  (This last  one with a new moderator.)  Arden turned 10, and I finally sat down to plan his yr 5. 

Carving pumpkins at Halloween.

Irving discovered that he could lock our cupboards.

Irving and I discovered that Govt house's gardens are open during the week, and we spent some time enjoying their grounds.

A selection of Arden's craft from this year.

His cushion.

Embroidered sneakers.

Tongue drum, made at Joy of Wood class.

Weaving on the inklette loom.

Blackforest cake made for Arden's birthday.

This year we decided to use a seasonal tree for Christmas, and thus we decorated a frangipani tree.

We have some general ideas about what Gabriel will be doing in yr 11, but the aim will be to mostly follow his interests.  Willow has just heard that she has passed all her Diploma in Classical voice subjects, and so is pleased about that.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Summer is Creeping In

This post has been a little slow making it out in the world.  We have had a fairly busy term with outings and various things going on, and so I got this half here, and then life happened....

Games Workshop miniature by Gabriel.

Some early ideas and brainstorming for Gabriel's yr. 11 next year.

Beautiful evening in Fremantle enjoying the start of Summer, and getting some rock climbing in.

Taking a look about Perth's Heritage buildings.  We really enjoyed seeing the change in this building, which was once the Gas and Electric building, but which we remembered as an ugly (maybe 1980s) bank.

Inklette loom arrived in the post, didn't take long to assemble and get started.

A small cross stitch project by Arden.

Science experiment with ice.

My crafting...making some bags

Learning pattern drafting

And a guest....a red wattlebird come to visit our balcony.