Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Perth, W.A's biggest city

Perth is W.A's biggest city. Many tourists come there every year. One of the biggest attractions is Fremantle(Freo). People flock to Frematle in the hot weather.

Subiaco is a pretty little place. The Subiaco Farmers Market is open every Saturday. The market sells macaroons,crepes,fruit,vegetables,meat,and dairy. The Main Street has cafes,bistros,shops,a movie theatre,and other attractions.

The Swan River is vast. On the southern side there is mini beachy spots you could swim in. In summer people hire Catamarans for a hour or so and sail up the river. The ferry across the river takes 7-8 minutes. Many activities happen on both sides of the river.

Kings Park is another big attraction. The Park is 400 hectares,including the Botanic Gardens. Kings park has a canopy walk,where part of it is glass. The view from the top of the glass segment is amazing. On one side is the Swan River,and on the other side is there are native trees. At the end of the canopy walk is a path. To the right is a fountain,which spurts up every 5 or so minutes.

Perth has a large selection of cafes and restaurants around the city. A few are: Cafe Dome,The Hilton, and the Burger Bistro. They serve yummy food and drinks. Cafe Dome is cosy. The Hilton serve excellent buffet breakfast. The Burger Bistro serve delicious burgers and yummy chips.

So why not visit Perth for a while? We Western Australians would love you to come and see what Perth has to offer!



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Holiday Recovery

We're back into our usual routine this week, after lots of interesting activities and outings over the holidays- the first week was really relaxing and the second week was exhausting!

Willow and Gabriel spent varying amounts of time at City Farm helping out and doing activities for the school holiday program there.  Both had a fabulous time participating in woodwork, gardening, soap making, woodwork, amongst other things. 

This week saw Willow finishing her apron finally -it looks amazing, and is just in need of an iron to finish it off nicely.

She's now on her way to planning some slippers to make.

We finally received our JUMP workbooks, which I'm quite pleased about as it will simplify doing maths- no more copying questions out for me!  We ordered a trial pack from grade 1-8, which offered one of each workbook.  Perfect for us really, and I've been really happy with the way they arrange maths.  Just need to pair it with the online teacher guides and we're all set.

Gabriel is still working on a block on ancient Egypt and we're reading Roger Lancellyn Green's book on Egyptian Myth.  Willow is doing a musical block, looking at different regions of the world and progressing into medieval music, it ties in quite nicely with her musicianship classes, where they are looking at studying different musical pieces and learning about composers and notation.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


This morning we are all enjoying a day of sitting about and doing nothing.  Sometimes I find it quite crazy that homeschooling we can end up very busy, but the good thing about it, is that it's almost always because we are doing something really fun.

Last week Gabriel and I started on learning about ancient Egypt, and we headed to the museum of WA where we found a few bits about Egypt.  There was a casting of the Rosetta stone, and some other castings.  It was nice to be able to see some copies, though the small room of Egyptian artefacts at the South Australian museum is better really.  Though a bit creepy all the same (I've never liked it since first seeing it when I was about 8.)

Last week's pyramid making

Willow finished her block on anatomy, and has moved onto studying music.  She's settling into being back home after her trip away, and has been a little worn out after so many activities and outings.  Here's some sketches from her last block.

A self portrait

The end of the week involved lots of activities.  A friend who is a magician came around for dinner, and the kids and Damien demonstrated all the magic tricks they have been learning, so it made for quite an entertaining night.  Friday we played basketball and headed out to busk in the rain.  Saturday we did our usual leisurely shopping.  Sunday we went out to the museum, had dinner and went to listen to a band and watch some dancing, and play pool.  The kids are starting to get quite good at pool, and Willow was invited to learn some dance steps.  It was a lovely way to spend the end of the week before have a holiday break. 

Got to love the blend of natural learning with more structured school work.