Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I am Reading and Have been Reading

Well in my usual style I'm reading too many books at once! Somehow in recent years, I've found reading a few books at once very effective for learning more than one thing at once.

Ishmael- Daniel Quinn
This one I have finished- and I would not recommend it at all, except for a section that discuss the bible, and the idea that the story of the fall of Adam was written from the perspective of outsiders viewing it occurring- and that in their view man heading towards an agricultural based existence was a negative thing. The suggestion in the book was that it was written by the Semites.

Living Dolls
I also read this recently. Disturbing and fascinating. I am glad to live a life without the media. But also the more I read things like this, the more I think feminism needs to become a new movement of equality. Where men are embraced and encouraged to be part of a greater change that sees genders treated equally and fairly.

September Holidays and Events

Well Spring is truly here, and this time the rain seems to be staying for a bit- which is nice. We've put our strawberries in our front yard this year, and they are much happier. Our back area seems to do ok during winter, but doesn't get enough sunlight during the summer. Plus with the strawberries out the front, our bulbs all up, and some extra herbs in the garden, it's starting to feel much cosier. And just for Arden, we put in a little path that loops around the bench!

Over the last month, many things have happened- the most uninteresting bit, was that I was sick last week. And one of the best bits, was that I now have a solution to giving Arden cod liver oil. I bought some of the gummy fish, which he likes, and also the butter oil with CLO, which he also likes- but loves with a bit of honey. So it's nice to have that sorted out.

We also went away-down south east. We visited friends in Kalangadoo, family near Mt Gambier, and friend and family in Melbourne. Along the way we drove along the Great Ocean Rd, which was stunning! and visited the National Gallery of Victoria to see the European Masters Exhibition. Sadly it all ended a bit too soon, we were hoping to see some of Ballarat, but Willow got a part in the state opera's Hansel and Gretel, so we had to leave Ballarat very early for her to get to her rehearsal.