Thursday, September 19, 2013

Camping to Cooking

I've been busily spending the morning trying to make arrangements for Willow to attend a homeschool camp.  At this stage we're just booking the first leg of the trip- to Adelaide and later when she's saved some more, we'll sort out the rest.  She's been wanting to go on a homeschool camp for quite some time, so she's pretty excited at the idea of it.

Willow's also has been busy explore lots of aspects of Ninjago and Lord of the Rings.  This is her singing "Pippin's Song", though my preference is for "Golum's Song", though the recording doesn't do justice to just how beautiful her voice sounds.  In relation to Ninjago, she's been making up her own fan stories, and some poems too.

Here is some of her other work for the week.

Progressing through geometry

Blanket making- this rug is being woven using a square loom.

Gabriel has been working on geography- we're looking at the Asian region.  This last week saw him doing some map drawing, and writing about New Zealand and the Maori people.

Gabriel's map of Oceania

Geometry from the last two weeks- spiral drawing

Arden has been busy working through his jump maths book doing some basic adding questions, which he's been loving.  He's also currently into Jamie Oliver and doing quite a bit of cooking.  This week we've made scones, and oat cakes together, making sure to soak our grains overnight.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Shop

I have made a shop on Etsy, called HomemadeHandicrafts. It's a School project. Here's the link to the page:
I hope you like the items - feel free to browse!

Monday, September 9, 2013

My stories

Hullo Readers!
Apologies, I have not posted for ages. But I am now!
I have been taken over by a Ninjago theme craziness - and I have been writing lots of stories. The First one I have ever put up is here:
It's called Stormchild and the Ninja, by me (my username on there is Spinjisumaster). If you have a Lego ID, and want to comment, feel free to!
Thanks! Perhaps I'll start posting more again soon.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Over the weekend Damien took Willow, Gabriel and Arden to see Circus Oz.  Everyone enjoyed the show, and Willow went hunting for the performers, both to have a chat, and get autographs.  Apparently Arden laughed and laughed, so much so that Damien was concerned people near by may not be able to hear!

Arden went for his first try busking on the weekend, playing harmonica, he made up his own songs, and did amazingly well.  He's been very pleased all week, that he has some money that he made himself.

This week Gabriel did a sketch for his main lesson work on ancient Rome.

Willow has been out and about at poetry workshops this week, learning about Haiku poetry at one, and a mix of poems at the other; including dada.    This is her poem blog: The blog of Poems.

Arden and I have been doing some maths this week using JUMP workbook 1.

Here's some geometry by Willow and Gabriel.

And Gabriel's.