Monday, May 16, 2016

Seasons, food, fun and Technology

We finished Arden's block on seasonality and food last week and have now moved onto shelters. Today we focused on aboriginal shelters, and the seasons. We had a lot of fun, with our last block, and Arden is certainly an enthusiastic cook; he is always discussing future plans for cooking and running his own cafe.

We've been following the moon, and watching it move through it's phases.  Irving is our most enthusiastic moon watcher!

Arden preparing parsley (for our gremolata) to have with our osso bucco

All served!

 Arden's form drawing, working on mandala style pictures.

Gabriel working on biology- sketching bones

Our Halloween Jack-o-Lantern ( we had a fun night out rockabilly dancing,  and then coming home to eat pumpkin pie and drink mulled wine)

Some more cheese- we had a few goes at mozzarella- started to get it, by our third try

Folding the curd

Arden working on making some pyjamas for himself

We just finished reading "Little House in the Big Wood", we've been quite inspired to try a few of the foods from it.  We had hasty pudding last week, made using masa flour and topped with cream and maple syrup and dried fruit and chocolate peanut butter!

With our constant "Harry Potter" obsession, Arden and I went out and collected him a very nice solid piece of wood to carve a wand.

At work creating

We headed out to Wireless Hill last weekend to look at radio technology in Western Australia.  We have discovered that the do some interesting talks on radio technologies.  Gabriel is currently doing a science block, and this week we are looking at the development of the telegraph and telephone.  Today we started off with a series of videos on youtube.  This is my playlist that we've been watching; though not in the order I have them saved.

Willow and Damien have been very busy with rehearsal for "Iolanthe" and Gabriel and Arden both have small acting rolls in it.  Willow has also been working through her mythology essays, and looking into auditions and doing a lot of writing.