Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thoughts on Boys and Girls

We've had a bit of a funny week really. Some odd stuff happening at home. And then we caught up with our homeschool group for the first time this year. So Gabriel came back from this last catch up, saying that he had no fun as all the boys are too aggressive. Funnily enough over lunch all the mums sat around nodding their heads about how 'boys are SOOOO different to girls'. I didn't say anything at the time as there was no need, but that has never been my experience.

However when we came home and Gabriel was saying that he had no fun. I felt that I needed to say something. It has opened up the discussion at least, and hopefully it can move to a positive space. My experience is that boys are usually more physical that girls, but that the aggression, is related to the tribal experience of Australians as well as television. It seems that many mothers are unable to address this, and are not able to encourage their boys through any aggression Instead it is just accepted that they have no control over the desire to hit, push, shove, and wrestle. In particular it concerns me that these children are role models to younger children, and that children younger than 7, primarily learn through imitation. Of course these older children have no idea, that they are being emulated, but I think as a society all older people need to be held more accountable for their actions. I suspect that if this happened with all children we'd be living in a much more stable society. I know that, for myself, I had no idea how important my behaviour was in shaping another person until we had my daughter.

What a different world it would be if people realised that the behaviour of each of us matters.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Summer Holidays

So we're still having our Summer break- school has gone back, but in our home, I'm totally anti organised work when there's a possibility of a heat wave. So we're all enjoying hanging out together. And despite the lack of daily planned activities we still seem to be busy!

Over January Willow and Gabriel had swimming lessons down the beach- as we do every summer, and as usual it was lovely. Early morning swim, and hanging out at the beach is very relaxing.

Willow had her 10th birthday- an Alice in Wonderland themed party which she enjoyed immensely. She did lots of the planning and cooking, and all was wonderful. I made a rose syrup heart shaped cake for her. Since Gabriel is currently avoiding grains, the cake was made with nut meal and coconut flour. It was very tasty and looked lovely covered in raspberries.

Plus there was my birthday, and my home made cake this year.

I am currently making my plans for class 5 and 3. Amazing how far we are through! Willow and Gabriel both received pocket knives to learn whittling this year. Both were very pleased to receive we just need to remember to get them engraved. I've been reading we need to really start on greenwood, so am wondering a bit about that...will have to look into what types of woods are best in Australia. All of this is a bit new to me too! Gabriel wants to hand sew a kilt, as his sewing project, which I must admit sounds very challenging. But since he's enthused for the idea, I'm willing to give it a try. And I'm planning to use the bible and the Celtic Wonder Tales as his texts this year.

Finally we'll be in the Fringe Parade again, though this time all of us. I've organised for some of us local homeschoolers to go in it. It's been quite a bit of work, but it's all starting to come together, and all the costumes and the float look fabulous. I think the day is going to be lots of FUN!,