Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Summer Holidays- finally here

In my preferred Summer routine- we take December off, starting just before Arden's birthday, January off and all of February.  Starting back into some routine with paid classes in Feb, but waiting til March, when usually the worst of the hot weather is over, to do some planned learning at home.  This year continued in the same manner, however my one free day to sit and do some at home jobs, and keep up with my hobbies, was filled up visiting a friend in hospital, and thus this blog has been neglected for the beginning of this year.

Finally life is settling back into our usual routine, and I have found some time to update some of our learning this past year.

This year there was an around the City exhibition of decorated dolphins (to raise money for the Children's hospital I believe), so Arden, Irving and I went out to try and see them all.  In the end, we just missed one.

We managed to get out and about to quite a few Fringe and Festival shows this year.  Some of our highlights- we seeing Movin Melvin Brown, and trying tapdancing in his tap class. (I'm planning to get his DVD so we can continue, as it was a lot of fun.  )

Arden and Irving did a pirate adventure in Applecross at the pirate playground, and also in the Perth Cultural centre.  The story telling and role play was a lot of fun for all the kids.

Stopping off at South Perth on the way home.

Arden and I dancing some rockabilly.

Having a bit of fun at the Courtyard Sessions, after dancing.

Walking home after an education session with Noel Nannup, on the story of the land, at Lake Monger. (This was one of my favourite outings at the Festival this year- the whirling dervish performance, White Spirit, was the other).

Hanging out with Willow and Gabriel in Northbridge Piazza with a very fuzzy Totoro, waiting for Princess Mononoke to start, in the Studio Ghibli Festival.

Willow spent quite a bit of time at Fringe this year, doing flyering, and helping to promote shows this year.  She also went to see Club Swizzle with Damien which apparently was very entertaining.  We all loved the Showman's fair area of the Fringe this year, and we spent just a bit too much of our time there eating stroopwaffles.  In the end we loved them so much, that they gave us the recipe and the machine!

Our regular Burn's night event (since living in Scotland) involves whisky for the adults and poetry reading.

A quiet coffee moment with the little people.

Arden and Irving's beading.

Irving and I did some wandering around Daglish, after visiting a shop there, and we found these cute crossing signs.


A rainy afternoon

So time for a teddy bears' picnic.

Library stop
Visiting Pompeii at Fremantle.  This was the second time that I have seen this exhibition, and the one thing that I missed this time, was the crystals.  Last time I didn't have a proper chance to look through the crystals (and I was hoping to do that this time) but there was very few, except in the dress-ups at the end.

 Some of the sewing projects that I've been working on.

A quilted skirt

Pillowcase for Damien

Transforming my old jeans, into a skirts

Red velvet skirt for Willow's Christmas present this year.