Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back to Life

Willow had her final opera performance Saturday, so we are settling back into our normal life here this week. Gabriel, Damien and I attended the opera on Saturday and had a fabulous time. It was amazing seeing Willow up infront of so many people, and so calm and centred throughout it. The story was lovely, and all the children did an amazing job.

This week we've been back to our normal school routine which has been nice. Willow is doing some national geography and history. Gabriel is doing some more maths, going over things we've already covered, as well as looking at money, and decimals in relation to money.

Story wise we're reading 'Playing Beatie Bow', which gives a good outlook on what Sydney was like in the 1800's.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Performance Time

Well Willow had her first Hansel and Gretel performance last night. She had a fabulous time, and has been enjoying the whole process. Over time the rehearsals have moved from the Opera centre at Netley, to the Grainger studios and finally at the Adelaide Festival theatre. Willow's part is in the choir at the end of the opera, and she is one of the Ballerinas. Last night she brought home the opera booklet, and it was quite exciting to see her name there in the list of children in the choir. Anyhow for the last 6weeks or so this has kept us very busy, so it's nice to have it coming to an end, though Willow is keen to do more of this sort of stuff.

Otherwise we've been discussing fertility, doing gardening around here and celebrating a blended Beltane/Halloween. It's a bit tricky to be totally seasonal in our Celebrations here, when the non-Seasonal event is pushed so strongly here.

I've also booked Willow and Gabriel in for a bow making course next year, sounds fabulous. There are so many interesting things being planned in the local homeschool community at present. I'm organising a group in the Fringe Parade again, someone's organising a night at the zoo, then there's a chance to go to see Wicked at the theatre.

We finally went to see the pandas at the Zoo on Thursday. We were having a house inspection, so decided to go out. The Zoo certainly is becoming a nicer place for animals though I'm not very keen on it, overall. The pandas were very cute. We also saw some of the animals being fed-the sealions, the penguins, and the otters. The otters were very funny- squawking at their zookeeper to hurry up with their dinner.

Botany Block Work

Sketches from Nature walks

The Soil

Monocot and Dicot picture

Leaf Diagram