Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Run off our Feet...

 The last few weeks have been very hectic with events and finishing our school work and sending Willow off to Adelaide. 

Firstly Willow headed off to Adelaide just over a week ago, to spend some time with our family there and to head off to a homeschool camp down south with her cousins.  Presently she's at the homeschool camp, and by all accounts has been having a fabulous time.

Prior to her leaving she had quite a bit of school work to get through, and we had also arranged for her to go and try out a homeschool class for creative writing at Katherine's Place, in the hills.  Willow felt generally the class was of benefit, so we are considering whether she may attend regularly for a term.

Willow, Gabriel and Arden all also went to workshops at the Fremantle Literature Centre, and had the opportunity to learn about how a book is made.  Willow and Gabriel's group was fortunate to also have the chance to meet the author (Mark Greenwood), of the book that their group was looking at.

This week has seen us taking it a bit quieter, although we were out at a St John's Ambulance class on Monday.  Both Gabriel and Arden found this helpful.  The museum was very interesting, and until Monday I had no idea that the name of St John's was connected to St John's Wort.

Today we are planning for Arden's 6th birthday tomorrow.  We've started part 1 of birthday cake making.  Soaking the flour in milk, to break down any phytates. 

We added some milk to make the flour nicely moist and mixed it in. 

Then we needed it in, ensure that it was damp, before covering, and setting aside til tomorrow.