Monday, May 23, 2011

Chilly Autumn Rain

We are having some lovely Autumn weather at the moment, and all of us are enjoying the change of seasons. There are many lovely leaves lining the streets, and it is a lovely time to be out walking about.

We've had some interesting outing in recent weeks, and some lovely work has been done. We visited Urrbrae house and did a tour of the Urrbrae wetlands. Willow and Gabriel were given names to match the era of Urrbrae house, for their visit there. Willow was called Harriet and Gabriel was called Clifton. (The year for their vist was meant to be 1892). They both enjoyed the morning, pretending to be school students back in that era. It would be interesting to visit again, as the kids were divided into different groups, and each group had different activities. There were also a group of ladies and gentlemen and a group of servants.

Gabriel has now finished his first piece of embroidery for the year, and since the weather has been busy changing and we're also getting out and about a bit for his local history block, we made pinwheels as an interim craft activity. Here is Gabriel's pincushion.

Willow has finished her first block on Ancient Rome, also had a small block on the Australian Govt- examining the different levels of it and will be onto studying geology this week. We bought some sculpey and made our own mini aquaduct, using it. I had been hoping to do a tour of the town hall, but they are not happening at present. Anyway here is our mini aquaduct.

Gabriel has just started learning about the local area and doing local history, and fortunately it's history month here, so there are lots of interesting things happening. We've done a tour of the local train station, are going to tour St Peter's Cathedral, and attend a reopening of a building in the Victorian era (everyone is really looking forward to this, as they will be getting dressed up). We've also picked up some of the local council's guides and have been following these too.

Finally just because I really liked these. Here's a couple of photos from Gabriel's animal block- a beeswax giraffe and sculpey zebra.