Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Time is progressing along, and I'm starting to feel quite pregnant.  So it was nice over the holidays to take it very quiet this time.  Willow spent the second week volunteering at City Farm, as she often does, and really enjoyed it again this time.  Gabriel, Arden and I had a fairly quiet time, and we managed to also catch up with some friends.

Some of the classes we've been doing ran over the holidays, so we still had a few of those outings happening.  Willow's flute classes were still happening, and we all kept up with our dancing lessons with Cool Cats- rockabilly and kick step.  We managed to also get out and see a demonstration of Swing Dancing at Northbridge piazza on Anzac day, and Damien was asking them about swing dancing at the Mustang Bar.  Willow and Gabriel also got out to use their second surfing lesson, and both found it a little more familiar this time; I'm thinking it might be worth organising surfing lessons for them both over next summer, and finally getting Arden onto swimming lessons.

So we all started back into school routine for the next little bit, before the baby is due this week.  Willow is finishing off some chemistry with Damien, Gabriel and I have been doing physics and Arden and I are doing some more stories, and letters.  This week saw Gabriel and I working on sound, with a selection of experiments out of Physics is Fun by Robert Trostli.  We looked at instruments, and objects that would create and allow sound to travel.  Arden listened to 'Rapunzel', and we focused on the letters, 'f', 't' and 'p' this week.

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