Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Some Highlights from this Past Week

This past week has seen us reading 'The Golden Goose'.  Arden has liked this story much better than Rapunzel, and we only worked on two letters this week, so there was some extra time for modelling.  Since we were working on the letters 'b' and 'k' and Arden was curious how they sounded together, we decided to put some vowels in the middle, and made the word 'book'.

This is Arden's painting of the king from the Golden Goose- using the 'k' to make the king.

Willow has been experimenting with weaving on our new square loom, as part of her craft project for this term.

We've also been setting up an etsy account that she can sell some craft stuff on, as part of her main project this year.  Her project is focusing on creating her own small craft business.  She had her first market stall for this year, selling her brooches at City Farm for mothers day, and we're now looking at ways that she can sell online too, as well as other projects that she might like to try selling.

This is from Gabriel's geometry from last and this week, dividing a square into halves and thirds, and extending the pattern.
Gabriel has still been working on physics this week- we've been looking at light.  There's been some fun experiments with colour, and light and darkness this week.

Finally I came home tonight to find Arden playing his own special version of pinball.  Gabriel came up with the layout, and Arden added the flips-  I thought this was very cool!

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