Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Last weekend was rather busy, with us hiring a car to head out to Yangchep national park, as Willow had won a limestone cave tour for her and some friends.  Arden and I went for a walk, as the tour was only suitable for 8yrs and up.  After we left Yangchep we went further North, and visited the Pinnacles.  I hadn't realised that the Pinnacles were such a large formation and we all found the sight quite impressive.  The above picture is a shot of some of the smaller ones.  We had been hoping to get out to see a few more things over the weekend, but Arden was sick coming home on Saturday, so we ended up using the car for useful things- shopping, visiting IKEA, etc.

This week has seen Arden working through some more Grimm's fairy tales, and the letters, 'j', 'x' and 'w'.  We're coming towards the end of the consonants- though we won't be doing the last few til after the baby is born.

Gabriel has been working on heat this week, in physics.  Everyone does tend to enjoy doing the physics, and now that Arden is 5 (compared to being 3 when I did it with Willow) he's enjoying sitting around and seeing what sort of things we're doing too.  We did a variety of things including feeling flames, making hands cold, looking at how things burn.  The experiment that is pictured, is from looking at convection currents - it doesn't show up quite so nicely in the pictures, but it gives the idea a bit.

This is one of Gabriel's zebra sketches from this week.

Willow has been sorting out accounts for her business project this week- looking at etsy, PAYPAL and ebay.  Plus she's still working on the first part of her history block- writing and researching about .William of Orange

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