Thursday, June 6, 2013

Astronomy, Drawings, this last Week

We've had a bit of a quieter week this past one; there was a public holiday Monday, so we only did main lesson, since Damien was at home.  We also had a look around town to see what was happening for WA day.

Gabriel moved onto his astronomy block this week, and we did a few interesting exercises out of the book that we're using.  My only complaint about the book, is that is doesn't translate some of the sections for the Southern Hemisphere as well as it could, for someone learning astronomy.

These are our moon calendars, taken from an exercise out of the 'Sky Phenomena' book, and adapted to suit the Southern Hemisphere.

We also had a drawing session where we imagined what it might look like to see the full earth from the moon- this is my picture.

 This is Gabriel's picture.

This is Arden's picture of outer space, that he did at the same time.

And here are Gabriel's zebra sketches, and shading experiments from this week.

Willow has been working on setting up her etsy account for her business, so we've been opening bank accounts and sorting out PAYPAL for her.  She's also ordered some new wool for further projects, and is awaiting it's arrival.

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