Monday, July 4, 2016

Winter birthday

Our Irving turned 3 just over a week ago, and we had a few friends around to celebrate the occassion.  Irving had a wonderful time, especially getting involved in baking.  We made him a love bar cake, taken from my Pret-a-manger cook book.  Was a bit sweet, but fun for the day.

 Recently I picked up some corduroy to make Irving some pants.  Gabriel is thinking of making cords when he learns to use the sewing machine, so I thought I'd do some for Irving.  He had a very old pair of cords from Target early 2000's, the style of which I love for little kids (none of the skinny fit unplayable rubbish, that is everywhere).  Since the pants were almost worn through, I cut them up and used them as a guide for my pattern and created these.  They were sewn on the selvedge, as I'm thinking that I'd like to work towards making some selvedge jeans for Gabriel.

Nice big angled pockets based off some vintage inspired pants that I have from Miss Fortune.

Pockets on my jeans.

Back pocket detail.

 Selvage seam.

I also made myself a very basic gingham top, out of a remnant piece that I picked up cheaply recently.   

The tie and buttons don't match as well as I would like, but I was just using scraps I had lying around.  The buttons were out of my collection of buttons from my Grandma.

Irving and I did some croissant baking for the weekend.  Though he made some very uncroissant type shapes this time :D

We freshened up the left over ones on Sunday for brunch, by toasting them with ham and cheese. 

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