Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gifting Culture

Over recent time I've been contemplating the issue of finances in my family and our need as a larger family to have more financial support.  In line with this thinking I've been interested in the idea of a gifting economy.  Damien first came across it as a way of living, and found this post particularly inspiring. 

I started to think about our kids busking - for the last 8 years this has become part of our routine as a family.  Our children gift their music, and they are given some money usually but also a variety of other things in exchange for their performing.  I loved the idea that at any time, if they choose that they could make some money.  Of course the thing with working in this manner is that they also may not make money :D However as far as everything averages out this has been a wonderful experience for our children, and has taught them a variety of lessons about money, performing and people.

So now I've come to the point where I've been contemplating how I can create a living out of our home education.  On the whole this is something I'm passionate about and love.  We are into our 11th year of home ed, and are likely to have at least another 11years to go.  So I invite you, if you enjoy my thoughts, and ideas, and activities, to offer a gift exchange if you feel that you have received something from my blog.  Many thanks for reading!

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