Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Recently we've tried out a few different activities. In my corner I have a multitude of repair work, and other things to do. Willow and Gabriel have some pants needing to be fixed, as do I, and there are a few other bits there too. For my brother, Justin, I am crocheting a hat as a very early Christmas present, before he heads off to Germany later in the year. I'm also still in the middle of doing Damien a jumper- I'm now onto the front, but unfortunately with all this other work I'm not quite getting through it quickly enough for him. On the plus side I have finished the corduroy pants of mine that I was redecorating into 3/4 pants, so that's one thing off the list.

Homeschool wise we've been trying out a few things. Last week we made pompoms, with varying success depending on the thickness of the wool. I read it works better to have a very fine ply, but we wanted to try a few colours, and some of the thicker ones really didn't work all that well. Still it was a fun exercise, and they look quite nice hanging in our carport.

Today we tried out making our own felted sheets. We're not sure yet if it was a success- they're still drying, so time will tell. I found a method using sushi mats, so since we have an abundance of them that seemed perfect. It was a bit tricky with Elessar, he was very enthused to join in, and help with laying the wool. If it comes out nicely I plan to use some on the slippers I'm making for Gabriel.

Gabriel has just felted his first bit of knitting and sewn it into a beautiful pillow for his doll.

And Willow is still working on knitting her baby booties, they're coming on a little slowly, but very nicely.

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