Friday, August 12, 2016

Cooking, Sewing and Painting mostly

Arden got back into cooking dinner this week.  Damien helped him to make slouvaki.

We went to a Chinese calligrapy exhibition;one-stroke calligraphy last weekend.  The exhibition and the philosophy were beautiful.  We're hoping to go to an ikebana demonstration that they are also doing, this week.  Arden and Gabriel both did some calligraphy printing whilst at the exhibition.  This is Arden's print.

 We did quite a bit of sewing this week.  Even Irving had a try.

Irving's stitching.

Arden's pyjamas.  We've pinned the legs together, and I overstitched the edges to strengthen them for him.

Gabriel's tie getting close to completion.

I started making a bag.

We finished Arden's block on the Bible Creation story.  Some paintings from this week.

Arden's painting.

My painting of humans being created.

Irving at work!

Arden's book put together.

We finished reading "Little House on the Prairie" this week, and Arden is all enthused for the next book, but I haven't got a copy of it yet.  I ordered a pattern for pants for Gabriel to sew, after he does a basic piece of sewing on the sewing machine, though he hasn't decided what to sew yet.  Willow had a meet and greet session for a youtube series that she's going to be in over the weekend, and finally we caught up on our meeting sessions with her.  We also all sat down to try a DVD learn to sing series this week (the name of it totally escapes me right now) but the techniques the guy was using reminded me of Michel Thomas.

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