Thursday, February 18, 2016

What If?

You can do it!
Because none of us knew that we *could* home educate until we did.  Some days were rubbish.  Some days were great, and then eventually it became life!  It became what I do.  Now we have come to our 11th year, and I love it.  We have so much diversity in what happens around here, and it's part of the reason that our family is close. It was probably the first time through about grade 4 that this change happened, when I stopped thinking about "how could I do high school?" and just started thinking about the year I was doing, and the year that would follow on.  After that the whole process became less daunting.  What other job do people live that far in the future?  So that helped me remove the fear of the experience, and since then I've only ever looked a year ahead.  I changed my view from what if we fail (people would ask when I was doing yr 2,3 etc what about high school- as if that was relevant!?!) to what if we succeed?  What if doing this the whole way through is better for our family?

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