Monday, February 1, 2016


We usually spend the beginning of the year, heading off to a few Fringe and Arts shows and enjoying the weather and ambiance that Perth offers during this time.  This year, we've already been out and about quite a bit, catching some buskers last night, and Arden and Gabriel both getting an opportunity to be part of a show.  Gabriel was invited to help the strong man, and Arden was invited to help a balloon comedian. Last week as a family we all head to a vaudeville show for my birthday;down at Scarborough beach, where we enjoyed fish and chips after the show.  Everyone's made a bit of  a list of things that they would like to see this fringe so hopefully we'll make it to some more shows.

Chocolate cherries and cherry cinnamon glaze cake for my birthday!

I've been continuing to work on my sewing, and have made a silk bra, using raw silk, combined with the back off an old maternity bra, and I've now progressed onto gingham pyjamas for Arden and another gingham bra for me.

Preparations are being made for our home ed activities starting in around 4weeks.  Classes mostly start back next week, and Willow is starting her work before the rest of the family.  We're having a very natural learning year 11 for her where she is focusing on a variety of goals that she wishes to achieve this year with the aim of putting a portfolio together and applying for WAAPA again at the end of the year.  Some of her plans involve self-publishing a book, repairing her vintage bike, putting together a busking show involving circus and singing, studying mythology and operas that are connected to this area, and learning to sew further to develop some skills in costumery.  It is looking to be quite an interesting year.  Damien and Willow are both looking at auditioning for Gilbert and Sullivan's first performance for the year, which this time is Iolanthe.

I have Arden's class 3 planned, got that done at the end of last year.  I quite enjoy class 3, and it's interesting how it's easier to plan 3rd time around; something I know and am familiar with vs learning about.

I am still to sit down with Gabriel and plan his class 9, I'm hoping to do this next week.  I've made some notes and have some ideas, as does Gabriel, so it will be good to sit down together and apply our ideas to a plan.

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