Thursday, April 26, 2012

Basketball week 1

This morning Willow and Gabriel went for the first basketball training session, with a group of homeschoolers. It was a bit early for us, as we tend to be rather casual, in the mornings, but Willow and Gabriel loved it, and I really like the coach's technique, it very much reminded me of Willow and Gabriel's swimming instructor in Adelaide. Warren (the basketball coach) talked and explained about ideas, and how to apply the ideas to playing. It seemed to me to give a more cohesive feel to the instruction.

 Over the last couple of weeks we've been working on a variety of things around here. Gabriel finished his local history-geography block, and has now moved onto Ancient history. We've been doing lots of map drawing with both of these blocks, and had some fun outings with the geography block. Last weekend we headed down to Rockingham, and caught the ferry to Penguin Island. It was amusing to see quite a few people walking from the mainland to the island- although apparently one needs to be careful of the tide. Plus the island was covered in seagulls! They were everywhere- and nesting- so they were not happy to have humans around, and there was often a lot of squawking. We saw one wild penguin, which was lucky, as they are usually out fishing during the day.

View from Penguin Island

A seagull

Map of Atlantis- Gabriel's ancient history block- discussing the search of Atlantis is it a myth or is it real?

Japanese Imperial symbol- Gabriel's form drawing

Willow has been working on her 'wish,wonder and surprise' block, so there has been lots of reading and lots of writing.

 She has also been completing some knitted chooks for her circus teacher, who ordered some from her, the weekend Willow and Gabriel had a stall at city farm.

Otherwise there has been some snowflake making for her geometry and nature block- not that we ever see snowflakes here.

And she's been notating a musical piece we've been listening to on youtube.

Otherwise, we've been rather busy, as there have been quite a few organised activities. Willow and Gabriel spent a day at City Farm, last week, for their school holiday activities. There were all sorts of things happening- mosiacs, wood work, circus skills, gardening, cooking. Both of them enjoyed the range of activities- and Willow came home having learnt to mosiac, and Gabriel came home with a wooden drum, that he made.

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