Thursday, February 9, 2012


Organised classes have resumed for the year, and in the process we've discovered that these are very popular in Perth's homeschool network. It seems every corner of Perth has someone organising a day to a week of activities for homeschoolers- it comes of as very schooly to me- particularly as one friend pointed out, some people do send their kids every day. However this at least isn't usual, surely some of the fun of homeschooling should be having one's kids at home!

Willow and Gabriel both started musicianship at Cottage Children's choir this week. We've decided to leave off the choir this time, and Willow is focusing on musicianship and flute and improving her violin skills. Gabriel has just recently started guitar.

We spent a fortnight at Cottesloe for swimming lessons, and also headed to South Beach, near Fremantle and found another organic shop. It had the best ice-cream we've eaten since Scotland (other than home made) though sadly of course it wasn't Australian- it had come from New Zealand! We've also had Willow's, Damien's and my birthdays, and just have Gabriel's to go next week.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Reef

We've all been doing some woodwork the last couple of weeks- gradually getting through carving an egg.

Our work in progress.

I also finished carving a fish I started over a year ago! Arden is enjoying playing with him.

Golden fish.

Willow was busy doing some sewing this week for Damien's birthday, she made him a pocket square. It took a bit of planning- finding some fabric Damien would like, lots of ironing, and pinning but it looked lovely at the end.

Finally some birthday images.

Willow's birthday cake, by Willow.

Aesop's Marrakech perfume for me. Got to love the Aesop details- it comes safety-pinned with a button.

Damien's cake with loads of candles (we still had these from my 35th birthday, so Gabriel and I decided lots of candles were in order).

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