Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Finally after an ongoing bout of illness, everyone is getting better! First it was Willow and from there it spread, so that each week seemed to be someone else! I am almost totally recovered now, and unsurprisingly there's lots of housework to be caught up on.

In between bouts of sickness, we did actually manage to get to the Art Gallery for the silk screen printing session. The kids printed some lovely bags, and did a beautiful job. Unfortunately the butterfly planting session was missed, so I decided to buy the Attracting Butterflies to your Garden book. Definately looks helpful, so hopefully we can start to attract more butterflies to our garden.

Willow finished her weaving today, and did a beautiful job!

But today was busy, with us seeing off my brother, John, who is heading back to Germany for another year, or so. So we headed off to Adelaide Airport for a farewell, where he arrived late, and pushing a bike! He'd decided that he was going to see if he could get his bike on the flight! And (I think) because he was late, he did! He was extremely happy to manage that, as he rides frequently.

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