Friday, August 15, 2008

Water Works

I had planned today rather nicely that we would go to the anthroposophical bookstore buy a birthday present for a party tomorrow, come home and do some school work. We had brunch- we all got up late today, and got ready to leave. Unfortunately at this point my plan went wrong, as I discovered that I had no idea where my house keys were (and actually I still haven't found them). So, since Arden was asleep I got Willow to do her activities while I searched. First she had a four form drawing to do (and still no keys!) and then she painted the tower of Babylon (and still no keys!!!). By now Arden is awake, and I've given up having phoned Damien and asked him if he knows where they are, and so we headed out to the garden to make a water way.

We got the idea from a fabulous little book called "Earth, Fire, Water and Air"  by Walter Kraul,I bought recently from the Anthroposophical Bookstore, and it has so many simple clever ideas- though we need to get a better saw. The kids did some of the hammering, and the wood was left overs from a furniture store around the corner, combined with some branches and coconut shells and we had a mini-garden stream. Everyone had loads of fun, and Gabriel is trying to invent his own simpler version now.

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