Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Last Week

This week we've been doing allsorts of things. The main thing was our homeschool review, which fortunately was successful and is over and done with now til next year.

Otherwise we've tried a bit of wet felting with mixed results. We'd done beads before but we tried to do some felt sheets and although they felted the results were patchy. In the end, I think the multiple attempts on the same bit of wool didn't help for getting consistent results. It was fun though, especially when Arden decided to chase our soapy water around the room!

Crocheting wise I've just finished the scarf and hat for my brother, and I'm quite happy with them. So hopefully he is too. Now I need to get back to Damien's jumper, I did two more rows last night, so there's still a small chance he might get to wear it for this winter.

We went to The Bead Hive today for our homeschool outing and everyone made beautiful jewellery. The kids made some great pieces, and it was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. I picked out a few beads to add to a hat I'm planning to crochet for myself (I already have the wool). And I think we might have to do it again...though it'll have to wait a little while, as I'm starting to gather a bit of a list of interesting homeschooling activities.

Finally we finished The Princess and the Goblin (Puffin Classics - the Essential Collection), it is one of the best kids books I've read. It's only a small book but everyone loved it, and I think we finished it in around 2 weeks. I've just order the next book, The Princess and Curdie (Puffin Classics) off Amazon, so we're rather keen to get into it.

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