Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Events and Outings

Arden and Willow attended a creative session at PICA with some other home ed families and had a great time experimenting with filming and creating artistic presentations.  The guy running it was involved in the HOME project we participated in for PIAF earlier in the year, so that was a nice connection.

Arden, Irving and I went for a bit of an adventure around East Perth, looking for treasure in the hard waste and enjoying the beautiful spring day, earlier this week.

Golf Club discovery!

Finally made it to the park, and found this beautiful sorrel flower.

Grumpy with myself for putting the sling on, with my new stockings!  Velcro and stockings do not mix.  :/

More treasure from our walk.  Scrubbed up as good as new.  Irving and I had a busy morning de-rusting this with bicarb.

Our local ravens have been bringing us gifts!  Doughnuts and popcorn yesterday.

Irving had a tropical dinosaur cinnamon and peanut butter milkshake feast. 

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