Friday, April 1, 2016

Titanic, Stars, Rocks and Craft

We have had a rather hectic and enjoyable couple of weeks around here, with plenty of outings, and some great activities.

We made it to the Titanic exhibition, over the last weekend it was on.  It was insanely busy, but still worth seeing. As everyone here is quite interested in the story, we'd been watching some of the films made about it with our favourite being "A Night to Remember", which I've also just purchased a copy of the book for us to read.

We've also been watching the BBC series "Back in Time" which we've been enjoying.  We've found some of the details interesting, but would have like to have seen the people taught some of the skills (as people of the era would have just known them-particularly knowing how to use an old fashioned can-opener).  Though we've only just watched the first episode of the weekend, and they do appear to be teaching them some skills this time.

We had a lovely simple Easter this year, lunch at home (Arden made stout pie and Willow made hot cross buns), eggs selected by everyone and purchased by everyone (we had a jar sitting in the kitchen that everyone added money to so that we  had a treasure jar for our egg purchasing!), eggs from our two favourite chocolate shops; Sue Lewis and Koko Blacks) and a night out of dancing to Shotdown from Sugartown and Johnny Law.  Damien and I have been working on learning some jitterbug, so we got to do a bit of that, and Arden has been learning the basic step, as he would like to learn a dance where he gets to do lots of spinning(he learnt recently that the focus of rockabilly is on the girl!)

Gabriel and Arden went on a geology outing around Perth; Arden came back very enthused, and I'm planning to get him a hand lens soon.  Irving and I met them after the outing,down at Cottesloe, we had a bit of a look at the last of the sculptures that were still out from the Sculptures by the Sea.

Arden has just finished doing a block on stars.  We focused on drawing multi-pointed stars; from 5points through to 12.  We also did some sewing, making fabric star decorations, and finally we finished the block with tea-light holders.

Sewing stars

My star for Irving, made from Damien's old shirt :D

Star painting with Irving

Arden's stars

Painting to make our star lanterns

Stage 1, oiled and cut out


Ready and lit!  Last time we made these was 2010 and we had a small incident with one catching alight!!!  Though it was my fault for doing small and large size candle holders (large is best!!!)  Would like to try these next time.  Might have to do them for this years solstice...

Gabriel finally finished his Zebra!

And now he's on to hand sewing a tie. 

Gingham for the lining of the tie. (Gabriel is using the same fabric for the main part of his tie, that Willow used for her skirt).

Gabriel is currently working on a block of geometry using our Wooden books.  I absolutely *love* these books; they're like little works of art, and filled with obscure and interesting information.  Gabriel has been working from the Islamic Design book.

Part of visit to the city routine presently-visiting London Court to see the knights and dragon!  (Irving loves it!)

Looking back through this, it is apparent to me that I'm not sure what Willow's been up to, other than making a video and hot cross buns, getting through her craft pile, and generally doing maths and writing and music.  She's still been  helping Arden with violin, but I haven't yet had my weekly/fortnightly chat with her.

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