Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vintage halloween skirt

Willow has been very busy working on her sewing project the last few days.  A pleated full skirt using a vintage pattern we picked up off ebay.  She's being particularly dedicated to it, as she picked up a yellow spider and star fabric to wear it on Halloween.(Here's the fabric and skirt pattern.)

And since Halloween (Here's the finished product!)

Both of us are still in our early days of machine sewing- I've been busy sewing bullet bras recently.  I'm currently doing my 3rd one- first one was just to get the feel for doing it, second one came out mostly as I hoped but I think I need a wider bra strap, and now I'm onto an orange gingham version(I'm hoping to *never* buy a shop bra again) and it turns out the bullet bra is incredibly comfortable.  I take a DD cup so this is important IMO.

Anway Willow is busy sewing pleats and needed some advice about basting.  In my brief internet search I came across this pattern, and I must say I love this scissor pleat skirt!

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