Friday, February 6, 2015

Summer Holidays

It seems like Summer has disappeared very quickly round here.  My normally speedy home education planning took far too long, due to chasing Irving around, but was finally finished just over a week ago (Yay!).  So now we are largely sorted for the coming years work for yr 10, yr 8 and yr 2.

This year we are focusing on getting Willow's music at a consistent level so that she can look at entry into WAAPA in the next couple of years.  So for her, this years curriculum is *very* music heavy.   She's already working on her music, and is doing well at being self directed and motivated.

Gabriel and Arden are yet to start work- as usual we are waiting til the worst of Summer is over (and everyone's birthdays). We still have two birthdays left for the Summer with Gabriel's the last one in a couple of weeks.

To complement Willow's music curriculum, and just because we like going to performances, we've been busy getting to lots of Fringe performances and are looking forward to some of the Perth Arts festival shows.  There's so many great things happening that it can be a bit hard to pick, but we felt it was particularly important to get to all the operas this year, given Willow's interest in classical voice, so we are off to see Madama Butterfly in the Arts festival, as well as two Baroque Orchestras.

One of our friends has also been doing computer portraits on the screen near PICA, in the Cultural and Centre and both Damien and Arden have had a turn being drawn on the big screen.



Over the New Year, we decided to get out of Perth, and we headed for our first trip down South.  We stayed with some friends in Walpole.  We headed off to the tree top walk, and visited the giant Tingle tree and the circular pool, as well as going fishing and visiting Denmark.  I *really* liked Denmark, it reminded me of the things that I miss about living in Adelaide.
I also completed my first machine sewing project recently, which I was very pleased with.  I was making some tap shorts, form a vintage pattern which I found online at Vera Venus and adapted. 

I've also been enjoying opening the freezer to get my home made butter out as needed all Summer.  It's so lovely to have a stash of butter awaiting me, from my preparations last winter.  :)


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