Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well there must be something in the stars right now; there have been some rather odd things going on around here recently!  Anyway we're coming to the end of our extended winter break, so next week we'll be back into doing English and lots of reading!  Willow will be onto working on her first IT block;she's currently planning it with Damien.  There will be stop, start motion movies, which she's been getting into over the break (there's a Ninjago obsession around here, so that's what they're about!).
Then she'll be doing some touch typing and possibly some learning on operating systems.  We're also hoping to arrange some sewing sessions with a homeschool friend, so that she can learn machine sewing.

The break has been hectic and restful all in one, as expected with a newborn.  It's nice to be able to bend in the middle again.  Willow spent the whole two weeks of the official school holidays volunteering:helping with a school holiday group and her Circus school.  Her circus school also did their holiday performance.  Here she is, with a friend, on trapeze.

Damien took everyone to see the tall ships in Fremantle last weekend too, and all had a fabulous time looking around.  The ships were from the Netherlands.

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