Thursday, March 29, 2012

Western Australia- shipwrecks, and progress

Gabriel's latest block is Geography in Western Australia- we've spent quite a bit of time looking at shipwrecks and explorers, as well as settlement in Perth and how this affected the aboriginals this week. Over the weekend we're hoping to get to the Shipwreck museum in Fremantle.

Willow's come to the end of her first block for this year, and we planned her next block -wish, wonder, surprise (English)- last weekend. It will be interesting to see how she finds it- she has two texts to read- a modern one, Harry Potter, and an older one, The Princess and the Goblin, so she can get a sense of the difference between writing a narrative and a descriptive. There will also be a bit of poetry reading- sections of Idyll of the King by Lord Alfred Tennyson.

horse by Arden, on the blackboard

Star and heart shaped scones- baking with Arden

Geography of Western Australia is Gabriel's current block

Gabriel's form drawing- straight lines and pick up sticks

Willow's rainbow, as part of geography and nature

Apron for Arden- almost finished

Willow's final perspective picture for the block

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