Saturday, November 5, 2011


Willow has stitched up her first horse toy pattern, on the whole it is fairly good, however the middle piece is slightly too wide. So the new version, of the pattern is narrower. Also we found the edging, of the fabric(for sewing up) was too narrow, so the new pattern is wider. Here's the horse starting to take shape.

We've just started reading "King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table" by Roger Lancellyn Green, which of course everyone is loving. Gabriel came up with this picture, after listening to the first chapter.

We've been progressing through Willow's physics block with great success. Robert Trostli's book is excellent, and everyone's loved the experiments. Some of the highlights would be making wine glasses sing, by using rubbing a wet finger around the rim; generating the colours red and yellow by covering a torch with many layers of thin paper; mixing paints in water- to see the way the colours interact, mixing coloured lights, and casting coloured penumbras using a white torch and a coloured torch; burning alcohol; a hot water 'volcano'; observing incense inside a glass jar; and cracking marble.

Anyway this week, we're meant to be moving onto magnetism, but so far I'm having no luck finding magnetite or a lodestone, and I still haven't got a horseshoe magnet or bar magnets. And really it would be better to do the magnetism prior to electricity, so I hope I can sort that out in the next couple of days.

Also these are Willow's and my latest forms.

Willow's picture.

My picture.

I love the way, that we both drew pentagons (using the same method) and that due to our decoration, one could think that they were totally different objects. Yet all the difference is, is that Willow's is a pentagrams and mine is a series of pentagons. Then she has coloured her stars, and I've coloured a single section of pentagon, heading internally, to create a spiral.

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