Monday, July 12, 2010

Marionettes and Buses

I'm currently attempting to make a marionette doll so I can help Willow and Gabriel make one in the coming weeks. So far I've done very little other than tie my ropes together, and then wonder if I have enough fabric for the head- and then discover that yes I do. So that's good. We all picked some lovely silk out for it's gown, so now I just hope that I can follow Mrs Marsha's instructions ok! I've found all of her other files, incredibly helpful, so I'm sure it will work out fine.

Over the weekend our local community free bus/ tindo drivers decided to have a community party. We had a great time. We've all gotten to know most of the bus drivers reasonably well over the last 18months, and the kids have particularly befriended two of them- John and Barry. John organised the party at Marcellinas, and Barry had kindly copied of some movies and music for the kids. Willow is now in Beatle heaven- in the last few months, she has become totally Beatles mad. Anyhow Willow briefly performed at the party, a couple of Suzuki tracks and one fiddle song that she's been learning with Damien. She did really well. Then the rest of our family also seemed to do well- Damien got a who am I? question right, and also won the Millionaire's Challenge, and Gabriel and Damien won the make a dog out of balloons contest. It was a great night- and lovely to head out to a local community event where we were all a bit connected.

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