Saturday, February 21, 2009


Tomorrow we start our school stuff again, and so it seems appropriate to get back into posting on my blog. The last few months have varied between busy, and hot. A little craft was done, namely Damien's jumper was finally finished, so I'll get a photo up of that soon, and Willow finally finished knitting the booties, that she was doing. Still some sewing up to be done on that front. We've all been trying dry felting over the summer, and really enjoying it, albeit with the occasional sore finger.

Everyone is also now, a year older. Arden turned one, Damien and I turned 35, WillowUnicorn turned 9 and Gabriel turned 7. Birthday wise we're now done til December. All were lots of fun, but it does make it a very busy time. Something fun was done for everyone's birthday-my special thing was the beautiful macaroon cake made by Sweettart, and a lovely roast lunch prepared by Damien.

Willow has now started violin lessons, and seems to be really enjoying it so far, and both the older two are taking swimming lessons in Woodville, with a brilliant instructor called Ken. We did vacswim at the beach, at Glenelg, and whilst always fun, Ken seems to be much more useful in helping children to feel confident about swimming in the water.

Lastly it's time for us to move house, no idea where yet, I guess time will tell.

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